Life is complicated enough so at Super Plus we believe in making things easy to understand. Rather than simply listing a range of fees for all the various services (many of which may not apply to you), it makes more sense to give you some real examples, then you can see how your situation compares. Note we have also included the estimated audit cost, so if comparing to your existing provider, make sure you look at their audit cost, some firms charge more than $800 just for their audit.

You offer a lot of good services. Are your fees expensive? No!

We offer fixed fees linked to the actual work involved in your SMSF and the value of what we provide. We’re not always the cheapest and as with many things the cheapest in the long run is often the most expensive. Buy cheaply and you pay twice. We provide excellent value for what we do. We detail all our fixed fees in advance and have a signed administration agreement, so you always know what to expect and there are no surprises.


If you’d like a tailored quote for your specific fund or for a full fees schedule please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll email you more detailed information.

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Establishment (one-off services)

The full range of services are listed on the “About Us” page. Listed below is the pricing for our most commonly used services.

Example 1

New SMSF with individual trustees:

    • SMSF establishment          $520+GST

Example 2

New SMSF with Corporate Trustee:

    • SMSF establishment          $520+GST
    • Company                            $809 (Total $300+GST  no GST on ASIC fee of $479)

Example 3

New SMSF with individual trustees, plus borrowing trust with corporate trustee:

    • SMSF establishment
    • Security/Bare trust
    • Company trustee for bare trust
    • Bare trust compliance letter
    • Package price                   $2,066+GST

Transfer an existing SMSF to Super Plus

    • Price                    $ Nil

Note for the takeover of an existing SMSF we do not charge any takeover or other setup fee to transfer your fund to our administration. We would charge to complete prior year work or to rectify the prior year if the work was defective.

Other Service Examples


    • Trust Deed upgrade                                          From  $362+GST
    • Change of trustee (deed of appointment)                    $315+GST
    • Pension Establishment (Calculations and minutes)     $330+GST


Ongoing Administration

In these examples when we list investments, this is the stable number of investments, for example if you had 13 investments sold 5 and bought 5, we’ll still count this as 13 investments. For complicated investments such as overseas direct property, private unit trusts or derivative trading (options, CFDs) accounts etc, these would incur additional costs.

Note the ATO levy and if applicable the ASIC annual review fee, are extra.

Example 1

2 individual trustees, 2 member accounts, 5 investments, 1 Macquarie CMA

    • $1,140                  Admin, financial statements, tax return
    • $   350                  Annual audit (estimated cost)
    • $   156                  Tax agent fee
    • $1,646 + GST      Total per annum


Example 2

1 corporate trustee, 1 member account, 13 investments DDH Graham bank account

    • $1,440                  Admin, financial statements, tax return
    • $   350                  Annual audit (estimated cost)
    • $   156                  Tax agent fee
    • $   110                  Corporate admin fee
    • $2,056 + GST      Total per annum


Example 3

1 corporate trustee,  2 member accumulation accounts,  5  share investments, 1 direct Australian property,  1 Macquarie CMA

    • $1,140                    Admin, financial statements, tax return
    • $   265                    Property fee
    • $   350                    Annual audit (estimated cost)
    • $    110                   Corporate admin fee
    • $   156                    Tax agent fee
    • $2,021 + GST       Total per annum

There may be an additional cost with the property if there are excessive transactions and/or if depreciation schedules are required.


Example 4

2 individual trustees, 2 accumulation accounts, 6 direct investments, 1 wrap account (contains 25 investments), 1 Macquarie CMA

    • $1,440                   Admin, financial statements, tax return
    • $   350                   Annual audit (estimated cost)
    • $   156                   Tax agent fee
    • $1,956 + GST        Total per annum


Example 5

2 individual trustees, 2 pension members, 12 direct investments, , 1 DDH Graham account

    • $1,440                   Admin, financial statements, tax return
    • $   240                   Pension member fee (2 x $120)
    • $   350                   Annual audit (estimated cost)
    • $   156                   Tax agent fee
    • $2,186 + GST        Total per annum

Example 6

2 individual trustees  2 member accumulation accounts,  1 direct Australian property, 1 Limited Recourse borrowing arrangement with a corporate trustee, 1 Macquarie CMA

    • $1,140                    Admin, financial statements, tax return
    • $   265                    Property fee
    • $   192                    Limited recourse borrowing fee
    • $   110                    Corporate trustee annual administration
    • $   350                    Annual audit (estimated cost)
    • $   156                    Tax agent fee
    • $2,213 + GST         Total per annum

There may be an additional cost with the property if there are excessive transactions and/or if depreciation schedules are required.



The above examples don’t include the ATO levy (currently $259 pa, but double in first year of registration) or ASIC fee (if you have a corporate trustee, SMSF special purpose company for 2017-18 the fee is $48). These are regulator costs and are the same whomever does your SMSF accounting and administration work.

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